What we train is not what we will do if we find ourselves in a violent situation, this is not the problem it may at first appear, it is the same with every Martial Arts Style, what we will do is try to get out of that situation and hopefully our training will influence the decisions we make.

The position we train in, the orientation to our partner / opponent is unlikely to be where we will find ourselves, the Bad Guy will make that choice, and you can put money on it that if they can they will make sure that it will be as good a spot for them as possible and a bad place for us.

Our first response must include repositioning, preferably as we intercept the attack, this is something we need to accept, understand and be comfortable with.

We will all have our own preferred place to be where we feel comfortable that we can do our best work, a very large part of our training should focus on securing that place, that position.


An overview.


Adopting a better position.

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